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Our Values

As a premier provider of life-long financial advice to successful families, our purpose is to build lasting relationships based on expert counsel and service that exceed expectations.

We are a fee-driven financial advisor serving only for the clients' best interests.

We are not motivated to sell the commission-based or revenue-sharing products. Our clients can have confidence that our advise is designed to be in their best interests. In fact, there are so many bogus independent financial advisors in Japan with commission-based contracts.

Chief investment advisor holds a global standard qualification of CFA charter.

CFAThe CFA charter is regarded globally as the gold standard for investment professionals. All CFA charter holders are required to adhere to the stringent Code of Ethics which require to act with integrity, practice in a professional and ethical manner, most importantly, always put clients’ interests before their own. There are only quite a limited number of financial advisors who hold CFA charter in Japan.

We are working as your advocate; protecting, promoting and defending the clients' best interests.

Our goal is to take the stress and complexity out of managing your own personal financial affairs, so you can live the life of your dreams. We strive to personalize our relationship with you to ensure that your specific needs are met beyond your expectations.

We see each clients' goals as distinctive and unique.

Like fingerprints, no two are alike. Your financial plan must be equally personal. We provide you with the customized, individual service you need upon close and thorough consultation with you about your goals and objectives.

Service Comparison

  Banks and Securities Brokers Bito Financial Service
Recommended Products
  • Easy-to-sell and high-cost products
  • Inconsistent policies among various products
  • Sell only their products
  • Low-cost and effectively manageable products
  • Consistent policies to all recommended products
  • Selection from all products in the market
Advisor changeable, uneven capability always the same, reliable competence
Evaluation of your funds Difficult as the products are usually purchased from various institutions Easy as we administer your funds totally
Quality of Service quality dispersion among various institutions consistently high-quality service carefully tailored for each client
Fees generally expensive reasonable

Based on our appraisal

About Fees

Our fees are charged on a percentage-of-assets basis. On an annual basis the fees excluding taxes are 1.0% on the first Y30mil (threshold); 0.9% over Y30mil up to Y100mil; 0.7% over Y100mil up to Y300mil; 0.5% thereafter on the balance of the assets under management.

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