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Investment Characteristic

The key word of the successful investment management is long-term, diversification and global.

Necessary measures to be taken are these three key words. However, it is very difficult to follow the policy by yourself. It is because the theory is based on a highly-advanced theory though it looks simple. The service of BFS always stands on client’s best interests, and achieves it consistently.

The long-term investment is like growing apple trees.

The sapling of an apple, though it is small first, grows up vigorously as the years pass by if we take a lot of care. The trunk will grow up fat and powerfully, and become a splendid apple tree before long. It is the enjoyment that there will be plenty of apples. Samuelson who won Nobel Prize also says so. “Investment is like growing a plant.”

Trunk = Principal
Fruits = Dividend

The long-term investment

The diversified investment is compared to a big forest.

Which is safer, the tree standing in a open field or the tree in a big forest? When a strong wind blows in a open field, the tree standing alone will be more difficult to keep standing. On the other hand, the power of the wind can be weakened in the forest thereby the tree in the forest is much safer compared to the one in a open field.

Investment can also lower the risk of decreasing principal by investing in the place where a lot of trees have gathered like the forest. And, with the funds to hold the certain portion of the entire forest, we enjoy a big effect of the diversified investment. It is because we are to own a part of the entire forest where trees are less likely to fall than the tree in a open field.

The diversified investment

Enjoy the benefits of Global Investment

Enjoy the benefits of Global InvestmentGlobal Investment can keep investors benefiting from the worldwide opportunities the investment offers.

By expanding investment to include foreign markets that are considered developing or emerging (such as China, Brazil or India), an investor can discover attractive opportunities which are not found in the developed markets. Moreover, even in the advanced countries, there may be a country where more rapid economic growth continues which your country might not enjoy. It is also the advantage of the global investment that disappointing market may be counterbalanced by strong performance in another.

While investing in non-domestic markets can offer benefits, it also entails special risks which include currency, political impact, economic and social developments. Global investment can be very complex for individuals as well.

At BFS, we will help you construct a unique asset allocation strategy of Global Investment specially tailored for you, while considering your time horizon and level of risk tolerance.

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