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Privacy Policy

Recognizing the importance of its responsibilities towards our clients, Bito Financial Service Co.,Ltd. (BFS) will manage our clients’personal information in a manner strictly in accordance with Personal Protection Law (the Law) and this statement of Privacy Policy. BFS terms the personal information as clients’names, gender, addresses, phone numbers and E-mail addresses etc.,under which particular persons are identifiable.

Purpose of use of personal information

The personal information of clients, prospective clients and applicants for seminars collected by BFS will be used to the extent necessary in connection with the Purposes of Use shown below, and will not be used for any other purposes.

(1) Providing information relating to our services

(2) Providing information relating to our seminars

(3) To register for subscription to our Mail Magazine and delivery

(4) Providing regular reports which BFS issues

(5) Carrying out research as statistical data under which private information are unidentifiable

Requests for disclosure of clients’personal data

(1) When clients agree, BFS will provide the personal information.

(2) In accordance with the Law, BFS will accept requests for the disclosure of clients’data held by BFS.

(3) BFS will provide the personal information within the purpose of use to the parties such as delivering companies, printers etc. to which BFS have Non Disclosure Agreements.

Disclosures, amendments and deletions of clients’personal information

Clients may, at any time, request the disclosure, amendment or deletion of their personal data in accordance with the procedures prescribed by BFS.

Inquiries relating to the handling of clients’personal information

For questions or other inquiries from clients concerning the handling of the clients’personal information by BFS, please contact Inquiry.

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