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We offer you with the customized financial planning and portfolio management advice that best suits you and your family.

Our role is all about serving you: providing you the customized, individual service you need, while working for your best interest. Specifically, we will get rid of your worries such as those shown in the picture below. Assets use

Service Flow

Inquiry and Application

We present you with overview of all our service that can be rendered with consideration to your particular situation. We will answer any questions you may have until you are clear and satisfied. You may find our service very different from those institutions such as banks or securities brokers. That is because we are standing on your best interests.

Setting up goals and objectives
We at BFS highly think of the importance of good communication with our clients. We are keen to share your goals and objectives. By identify your clear desires and dreams, you will get much closer to the goals.

Checking your current financial situationTo realize your dreams and goals, you need to know your position today, that is, where you are now.

Setting up the life plan

Life plan is a road map of your whole life. You will have a much clearer view and prospect for your objectives and goals. Further, you may find issues to be solved and acquire some useful and necessary strategies by implementing various simulations.

Forming the investment policy

We will construct a unique investment policy specifically tailored for your situation and profile. The policy will also consider your time horizon and level of risk tolerance. The investment policy holds a vital role in your investment management and is always your anchor to come back.

Selecting the best suitable financial products

BFS’s approach to selecting financial product is different from traditional financial providers where advices are often motivated by commissions they get rather than by purely objective criteria. We follow a disciplined, objective process to identify and select those products best suited to your portfolio from the whole investment universe.

Constructing your portfolio

We follow Modern Portfolio Theory, which suggests that maximizing returns and minimizing volatility requires asset allocation strategies diversifying your investments across multiple asset classes. We at BFS, after considering all aspects and factors reflecting your needs, construct the best-suited portfolio especially tailored for you.

Monitoring and RebalancingAs time and circumstances dictate, BFS will review your asset allocation and recommend appropriate changes. Where changes are not required, BFS will provide the rebalance discipline necessary to help you capitalize on the inherent volatility of the financial markets.

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